How Much do Radio Coverage Maps Cost?

You have two options. One map for $100 or 4 for $200 or equivalent in major currencies

We have decided to make our pricing really simple. You have two options:

  • A single coverage map for one transmitter is $100
  • Alternatively we can do four plots of one transmitter for $200. For example you want to see the impact of four different transmitter powers, or you might want to try two different aerial heights with two different transmitter powers.

$ Dollars - Select Quantity

That's it. Simple! Simply purchase what you want on the Paypal button, and then email us or use our contact webform to tell us what we need to know to do the prediction. That is Lat/Long position, height of antenna above ground, power and frequency. If you are non-technical don't worry - tell us what you do know and we will help with the rest.

We can offer discounts if you want lots of maps. Contact us

We also offer a "SiteFinder" service - you tell us what/where you are trying to cover, and we will research the options and give you several optimal locations with coverage maps - contact us for details

If you are a not-for-profit organization (and can prove it) then get in touch as we can offer you a discount too.

$ Dollars - Select Quantity